Just a heads up – I’m working “remotely” in Australia for a couple months. Many of my clients won’t see much of difference but I certainly do! You can find me on Email [email protected] and on Skype as usual.

Trialling the AirBook!

Since I arrived here about a month ago I’ve had to adapt to some new technologies. My old Dell was hobbling along and a new SSD sadly did little to help. Instead I’ve been using my parent’s 2 year old MacBook Air – and what a lovely piece of tech it is. It’s definitely on the wish-list as a laptop replacement for 2016.

Photoshop Alternatives

I’ve also had to substitute my usual Photoshop for something a bit cheaper and sleeker to use on the Mac for a couple of months. Sketch by Bohemian Coding has been a worthy contender – but probably not a true replacement for Photoshop as it’s bitmap / photo editing features are a bit limited. It is however easy to use and the 30 day free trial has been a bit of lifesaver. Next month I’ll be trialing Pixlr. It has more advanced photo editing and that’s what I need really.

Now that’s how I like my meetings!

I don’t really mean to be a pain and share pictures of my good fortune (after all that’s what Facebook is for) but I had such a lovely meeting with a client this morning that I couldn’t resist! We cycled up to my favourite local cafe and had perfect soy flatwhites while discussing a couple dozen wireframes using the Wifi. Bliss!