So this one is a really, really fun project I worked on with Maryrose – Ireland’s Digital Marketing guru – for Trinity’s Loyola Institue.

I was tasked with creating a cool website to challenge some of preconceived notions people generally have about what studying theology means. We worked very closely with Professor Siobhan Garrigan who was so passionate and engaging and intelligent that I was almost convinced that I should be studying theology at Trinity! I tried to bring across her enthusiasm into the style and shape of the website – The website is part of social media campaign that Brightspark devised to increase the number of CAO applications for Catholic Theological Studies at Trinity read more about the campaign here….

But let me show you the pretty design stuff that I had such a ball coming up with. Or just check out the website here:



Detail of an inside page – don’t you just love icons!!

And well written content! Good design takes a lot of effort but so does writing good, engaging content for the web!


Ahem – more icons – and groovy Google fonts.


So are you convinced? Catholic theology studies anyone??