Photo Credit: bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu via Compfight cc

Something great happened yesterday.

Friend and collaborator Maryrose Lyons and I hooked up for the morning for an exchange of knowledge. She needed to skill up in basic graphics editing with Pixelmator and best practice in applying brand guidelines to graphical content creation. I really needed fresh eyes on a Facebook campaign that’s been a bit sluggish. We decided to meet up and give each other an intense, one hour, one-on-one tutorial. It was really valuable. Maryrose has some practical tips on image creation and I have a much improved social strategy for my Facebook page.

We’re going to try do it regularly now – maybe every few of months we’ll hook up and swap skills for an hour apiece, each of us gaining a little more knowledge from an expert. I think it’s something that all professionals could benefit from.

What particular knowledge could you share with someone?

What would you love to get an hour’s one-to-one training in?

Photo Credit: bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu via Compfight cc