I’ve been back in the land of green grass and rain clouds for a couple of months now and happily, have been busy as a bee with website projects and… a new venture: Scratch Club – it’s an afternoon activity club for my daughter’s primary school in Kilcock. We’re basically getting together each Tuesday after school and learning some Scratch programming. The class ranges in ages from about 8 to 11 – and they get a great kick out of creating Scratch projects.

Scratch is a beginners programming platform – it’s aimed at kids. You use a drag and drop interface to pull blocks of code together and make your “sprites” do stuff.

What I love about Scratch is how quickly you can make something cool. It’s got a big range of sprite characters and backgrounds to choose from. Before you know if you can create a neat looking scene with a groovy background and some cute characters. It’s almost instinctive to want to make the characters move around or say “hi”. The kids are so enthusiastic about it – and tireless!

My "cheating at homework" Scratch game is popular.
My “cheating at homework” Scratch game is popular.