Recently finished a website for very interesting couple of ladies who specialise in social media training for librarians. They do other kinds of courses for libraries as well such as constructing the perfect search algorithim – I think we could all use a little training in that.

Homepage – cropped. Click the image to visit the website.

Check out the whole website here:

All About the Assets

McGrath Barrett already had a really nice logo and that always makes for a good start with the selection of the fonts and colour palette flowing from that. They had a good collection of photographs from their own Pinterest page. I also  used the Compfight search tool to find images on Flickr that are released under Creative Commons for commercial use. I found some gorgeous photographs of libraries from across the globe and these worked well in the homepage slideshow and the title bar on inner pages. Plus the clients had spent some time writing their own content and making sure

Customised Premium Theme

I spent quite a bit of time customising this premium Woo theme. I think it’s a good example of why you should get a WordPress wrangler to customise a WordPress theme for your business – despite what you might think it’s not quite as easy as dropping in a logo and choosing font colour. Hopefully you can see the difference between the two!


One of the primary aims of the website is too promote their courses and sell places online. We used a premium events manager plugin hooked in with Paypal. Styled up the event pages look good: and have some nice features like a Google map, targeted testimonials and a customised book form with early bird ticketing.

Showing the top half of the event page.
Showing the top half of the event page.