The old Kavaleer website was a sweet thing – fixed at 780 pixels wide with a lot of soft roundy corners and even a few clouds peaking out from behind the menu. But time moves swiftly on the interwebs and from a functional perspective (let alone design) it did need to be ramped up a little.

It’s now built on a responsive framework and finally looks great on the iPads they lug around to all the cartoon events. Social sharing has been added to portfolio pieces as well as news items so it’s easier to share the love.

Of course I love working on Kavaleer’s stuff. Their logo, probably at least 5 years old at this point (imagine!) is joy to behold – an example of a perfect logo in my opinion. The guys still wanted the same feel of the old website – lots of white and no clutter to get in the way of their gorgeous work.

Visit the lovely, new Kavaleer website and loose yourself for a few moments in a world of children’s cartoons, illustration and short films.

kavaleer screenshot