WordPress Pumpkin by Eric Martin
By Eric Martin via Fkickr

Without hiring me to do it! 

By all means give me a call if you don’t have the time or inclination to update your website! However you might save a bob or 2 if you learn to do a couple minor things on your WordPress website yourself. Here’s are a few suggestions on how skill up in the basics of using WordPress.

Wing it!

My own personal favourite. Login and feel your way around and hope you don’t break something. Make sure your website backups are safely stored so I can restore your original website after you’ve broken it!


YouTube it.

I do this all the time. Got a something specific you want to do? More than likely someone has put together a clip and posted it on YouTube. You can of course Google It too – but sometimes when you’re learning it’s better to see it happen before your eyes. One thing to remember is how to phrase your question.

Make sure you include the right keywords – for instance “WordPress” should feature in all search queries. Adding the 2014 makes sure you’re getting a recently uploaded video. So if you want to add an image to a post or page I’d try how to add an image to a post in wordpress 2014. If you don’t get the right results try rephrasing the question and search again.  I used the above search query and found a good video on just that:


Download an ebook.

ewpg-books1This is FREE! It’s a very comprehensive guide to maintaining a website and I’ve used it in the past as a handout with personal training sessions. You can download it for free as a PDF which makes it searchable as well.


Buy a book made from trees.

complete-guide-to-wordpressSometimes you just want an old fashioned paper manual that you can scrawl over and dog ear to your heart’s content. I noticed this one in Easons on the weekend. Costs around €13. At a glance it looks pretty comprehensive and covers the basics of taking care of your website from editing a post or page to up to adding a plugin and more advanced stuff should you get a bit more inspired.


Do an online training course

If you’re serious about really getting a handle on WordPress as a complete content management system then you might consider doing a quality online course. There may be free ones out there my time is precious and I’d prefer to pay for something I know will be good. Lynda is a highly rated online training website. I haven’t done this particular course but at over 5 hours it  looks very comprehensive. Check it out →


Get some one on one training.

This is the comparatively expensive option but probably the very best way of getting up to speed very quickly and specifically to your website. You can use your laptop and your place of work. If you’ve got a team of people you should think about a group training session so that everyone can help maintain the company website. I’d be delighted to carry out a training session for you or small group of people – give me a shout if you’d like to set something up.