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Cute shop for Nelly & Nora

Cuteness overload! Just finished working on this online shop for the Nelly & Nora tv show. Nelly & Nora is an animated TV show by Geronimo Productions for preschoolers and you’ll find it on RTEjr, CBeebies  and KIKA in Germany. The website is a hub for the Nelly and Nora DVDs and books of the show. It’s […]

Animation Ireland website

Animation Ireland – New Website

The Animation Ireland website went live a couple of weeks ago – and, it’s gorgeous!! I suppose it might be down to the fact that there was more beautiful artwork than I could poke a stick at and a really cute logo to work with – always helpful. It’s not just the design I’m buzzed about […]


Theology rocks huh?

So this one is a really, really fun project I worked on with Maryrose – Ireland’s Digital Marketing guru – for Trinity’s Loyola Institue. I was tasked with creating a cool website to challenge some of preconceived notions people generally have about what studying theology means. We worked very closely with Professor Siobhan Garrigan who was so passionate and engaging and intelligent that […]


Bright & Sparkingly New

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning the new Brightspark Consulting website. This time I worked purely in Photoshop and left the WordPress development in someone else’s hands. It was wonderful to free up and spend time creating a bespoke website design that embraces both the professionalism and individuality of Maryrose Lyons and her company. Maryrose is the Queen of […]


New Website for McGrath Barrett

Recently finished a website for very interesting couple of ladies who specialise in social media training for librarians. They do other kinds of courses for libraries as well such as constructing the perfect search algorithim – I think we could all use a little training in that. Check out the whole website here: All About the Assets […]


Big New Gorilla Website!

I landed the redesign of the Gorilla Post website recently and we’ve just gone live! Check it out: . We used a commercial theme and spent some time making it Gorilla’s own – with a good font stack and palette to match the logo and few tweaks to the functionality. The project was handled […]


New Business Cards!

True Story My 5 year old darling girl coyly asked me yesterday: “Do you love your new cards more than me?” Er… No probably not sweetheart. But I mean it’s a tough call! Check ’em out! I designed them and purchased them online from Moo cards, my absolute favourite online printing company. And though you can’t quite […]


Kavaleer Website Rebuild

The old Kavaleer website was a sweet thing – fixed at 780 pixels wide with a lot of soft roundy corners and even a few clouds peaking out from behind the menu. But time moves swiftly on the interwebs and from a functional perspective (let alone design) it did need to be ramped up a little. It’s […]