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You need to register your .ie right about now!

If you’re a registered business in Ireland and you still haven’t registered your .ie then you should. Now-ish! After this date the “claim to your name” rule will be removed from the .ie domain registration process.  From then anyone living in (or even with just a connection to) Ireland can easily purchase a .ie without […]


Foodpoppi website Nominated for 5 Eir Spiders Awards!

I think it was Thursday a couple of weeks when Aisling Larkin of Foodoppi let me down gently with news that we hadn’t made the shortlist for the Eir Spiders. Needless to say – I was a bit disappointed because I do think the Foodoppi website (it went live in May 2017) is pretty special. […]


Go AI + Humans

I got a little leisure time last Sunday and headed off to my favourite proper coffee joint in the next village with a slightly outdated copy of Wired. What a treat I was in for! The best damn article I have read in ages! It not only describes an important and super exciting milestone in the quest for true AI it’s […]


Scratch Coding Club @ School

I’ve been back in the land of green grass and rain clouds for a couple of months now and happily, have been busy as a bee with website projects and… a new venture: Scratch Club – it’s an afternoon activity club for my daughter’s primary school in Kilcock. We’re basically getting together each Tuesday after […]


Working in the Sunshine

Just a heads up – I’m working “remotely” in Australia for a couple months. Many of my clients won’t see much of difference but I certainly do! You can find me on Email [email protected] and on Skype as usual. Trialling the AirBook! Since I arrived here about a month ago I’ve had to adapt to […]


Coding Week – Frozen it is!

So Coding Week at school was a big success! I couldn’t believe how many of the girls seemed to genuinely enjoy the basic concepts of programming. The Week of Code is a global event held in December with the aim of getting more people, young people especially, coding – even just for an hour. The […]


#DigiWomen – Bigger and Better at WebSummit 2014

Well there goes another Web Summit – the biggest yet with over 20,000 people attending. For me the 2014 Web Summit was less about the speakers, spectacle and start-ups and more about the people I met through the #DigiWomen stand. The Web Summit was crazy big this year. There was a LOT going on with two […]


3D Legends

I watched Print the Legend last night on Netflix. And loved it! It’s a fascinating documentary about the people and the story behind two 3D printer start ups – MakerBot and Form Labs. It’s pretty compelling stuff – even if you’re not (or you think you’re not) interested in 3D printing as a technology. I would have preferred […]



Ludicrously excited about Offset tomorrow – and the next day and the next! Even the graphics (see above) for the event are just stunning. And the line up is fantastic! My last Offset was 2 years ago and I am still inspired by the brilliance of the speakers and their work. And now I get […]