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When should you use a commercial WordPress theme?

Obviously as a designer I’d love it if all my clients wanted me design and develop them a bespoke website …because it would mean I was delivering something that works specifically for each individual client or company. With a bespoke design you get choice and flexibility a design that will work perfectly with your logo and brand a layout designed […]


WordPress Functions.php Code Snippets

These are some code snippets I use frequently in a WordPress theme functions.php file. Feel free to bookmark! I already have! (Obviously you’ll need to replace the nomenclature). I’m sure I’ll be updating this one regularly. I’m not offering any long explanation – if these don’t work for you or are too simplistic just Google […]


Sourcing free images for your website / blog / Facebook etc.

So you’ve written a lovely blog post and now you need to add in an eye catching image… You can go the easy route and pay for images from a stock photo / graphic website such as BigStock. The upside is that the images and vectors are high quality and there’s plenty to choose from. Once you […]

WordPress Pumpkin by Eric Martin

How to Update Your WordPress Website

Without hiring me to do it!  By all means give me a call if you don’t have the time or inclination to update your website! However you might save a bob or 2 if you learn to do a couple minor things on your WordPress website yourself. Here’s are a few suggestions on how skill up in the basics […]