Skilling Up

It’s been a busy summer here with plenty of visiting family, no childminder and a month long holiday in August to recharge. However, since the 1st of September the kids have been back at school and I’ve been back at my desk – and quite happy about it too. I’m also trying something out – […]


Doodling Offset

Offset 2014 was, as hoped, fantastic. I am positively bubbling with inspiration and motivation. Our goodie bags were full some good stuff including a sweet little notepad which I dutifully filled with doodles.   Standout speakers and creators? Well most of them were just brilliant – either their work was breathtaking or their presentation style […]



Ludicrously excited about Offset tomorrow – and the next day and the next! Even the graphics (see above) for the event are just stunning. And the line up is fantastic! My last Offset was 2 years ago and I am still inspired by the brilliance of the speakers and their work. And now I get […]


Smarts Swap – Sharing Knowledge

Something great happened yesterday. Friend and collaborator Maryrose Lyons and I hooked up for the morning for an exchange of knowledge. She needed to skill up in basic graphics editing with Pixelmator and best practice in applying brand guidelines to graphical content creation. I really needed fresh eyes on a Facebook campaign that’s been a […]


Big New Gorilla Website!

I landed the redesign of the Gorilla Post website recently and we’ve just gone live! Check it out: . We used a commercial theme and spent some time making it Gorilla’s own – with a good font stack and palette to match the logo and few tweaks to the functionality. The project was handled […]


The Time Tracking App – #101 Freelance Tips

I work as a freelance web designer – sometimes it’s big jobs, sometimes it’s little jobs. And whilst I’ve been only truly freelancing for a few months I’ve been working in the industry for over a decade. No matter what you’re doing whether you’re working as employee in company or running your company or you’re […]

Giving up the Ghost

Ok – I give up. After 3 months of hanging with Ghost Blog I am heading back to WordPress. I was enchanted by minimalist ideal of Ghost Blog but actually in my opinion it’s just not there yet – not really ready for the wide world. For one I believe that comments (and social media […]


For the Cool Kids this Christmas

Christmas seems to bearing down on us quickly this year. Bring it! I love it! I wanted to list the 7 coolest presents for your little nerdy darlings, young and old. (For my nearest and dearest – I will be expecting at least one of the below in lieu of some silly bottle of stinky […]


I ain’t afraid of no Ghost #1

Before it all becomes a hazy, half forgotten memory I want to share my experience of setting up my Ghost blog. It’s not 100% perfect but for all intents and purposes my Ghost blog is functioning properly. It was quite easy to get it up and running in basic form however, what I struggled with […]