Bright & Sparkingly New

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning the new Brightspark Consulting website. This time I worked purely in Photoshop and left the WordPress development in someone else’s hands. It was wonderful to free up and spend time creating a bespoke website design that embraces both the professionalism and individuality of Maryrose Lyons and her company. Maryrose is the Queen of […]


Coding Week – Frozen it is!

So Coding Week at school was a big success! I couldn’t believe how many of the girls seemed to genuinely enjoy the basic concepts of programming. The Week of Code is a global event held in December with the aim of getting more people, young people especially, coding – even just for an hour. The […]


#DigiWomen – Bigger and Better at WebSummit 2014

Well there goes another Web Summit – the biggest yet with over 20,000 people attending. For me the 2014 Web Summit was less about the speakers, spectacle and start-ups and more about the people I met through the #DigiWomen stand. The Web Summit was crazy big this year. There was a LOT going on with two […]


New Website for McGrath Barrett

Recently finished a website for very interesting couple of ladies who specialise in social media training for librarians. They do other kinds of courses for libraries as well such as constructing the perfect search algorithim – I think we could all use a little training in that. Check out the whole website here: http://mcgrathbarrett.ie/ All About the Assets […]

WordPress Pumpkin by Eric Martin

How to Update Your WordPress Website

Without hiring me to do it!  By all means give me a call if you don’t have the time or inclination to update your website! However you might save a bob or 2 if you learn to do a couple minor things on your WordPress website yourself. Here’s are a few suggestions on how skill up in the basics […]


3D Legends

I watched Print the Legend last night on Netflix. And loved it! It’s a fascinating documentary about the people and the story behind two 3D printer start ups – MakerBot and Form Labs. It’s pretty compelling stuff – even if you’re not (or you think you’re not) interested in 3D printing as a technology. I would have preferred […]

Skilling Up

It’s been a busy summer here with plenty of visiting family, no childminder and a month long holiday in August to recharge. However, since the 1st of September the kids have been back at school and I’ve been back at my desk – and quite happy about it too. I’m also trying something out – […]


Doodling Offset

Offset 2014 was, as hoped, fantastic. I am positively bubbling with inspiration and motivation. Our goodie bags were full some good stuff including a sweet little notepad which I dutifully filled with doodles.   Standout speakers and creators? Well most of them were just brilliant – either their work was breathtaking or their presentation style […]



Ludicrously excited about Offset tomorrow – and the next day and the next! Even the graphics (see above) for the event are just stunning. And the line up is fantastic! My last Offset was 2 years ago and I am still inspired by the brilliance of the speakers and their work. And now I get […]