You need to register your .ie right about now!

If you’re a registered business in Ireland and you still haven’t registered your .ie then you should. Now-ish! After this date the “claim to your name” rule will be removed from the .ie domain registration process.  From then anyone living in (or even with just a connection to) Ireland can easily purchase a .ie without […]


Foodpoppi website Nominated for 5 Eir Spiders Awards!

I think it was Thursday a couple of weeks when Aisling Larkin of Foodoppi let me down gently with news that we hadn’t made the shortlist for the Eir Spiders. Needless to say – I was a bit disappointed because I do think the Foodoppi website (it went live in May 2017) is pretty special. […]


When should you use a commercial WordPress theme?

Obviously as a designer I’d love it if all my clients wanted me design and develop them a bespoke website …because it would mean I was delivering something that works specifically for each individual client or company. With a bespoke design you get choice and flexibility a design that will work perfectly with your logo and brand a layout designed […]


Cute shop for Nelly & Nora

Cuteness overload! Just finished working on this online shop for the Nelly & Nora tv show. Nelly & Nora is an animated TV show by Geronimo Productions for preschoolers and you’ll find it on RTEjr, CBeebies  and KIKA in Germany. The website is a hub for the Nelly and Nora DVDs and books of the show. It’s […]


Go AI + Humans

I got a little leisure time last Sunday and headed off to my favourite proper coffee joint in the next village with a slightly outdated copy of Wired. What a treat I was in for! The best damn article I have read in ages! It not only describes an important and super exciting milestone in the quest for true AI it’s […]


WordPress Functions.php Code Snippets

These are some code snippets I use frequently in a WordPress theme functions.php file. Feel free to bookmark! I already have! (Obviously you’ll need to replace the nomenclature). I’m sure I’ll be updating this one regularly. I’m not offering any long explanation – if these don’t work for you or are too simplistic just Google […]

Animation Ireland website

Animation Ireland – New Website

The Animation Ireland website went live a couple of weeks ago – and, it’s gorgeous!! I suppose it might be down to the fact that there was more beautiful artwork than I could poke a stick at and a really cute logo to work with – always helpful. It’s not just the design I’m buzzed about […]


Sourcing free images for your website / blog / Facebook etc.

So you’ve written a lovely blog post and now you need to add in an eye catching image… You can go the easy route and pay for images from a stock photo / graphic website such as BigStock. The upside is that the images and vectors are high quality and there’s plenty to choose from. Once you […]


Theology rocks huh?

So this one is a really, really fun project I worked on with Maryrose – Ireland’s Digital Marketing guru – for Trinity’s Loyola Institue. I was tasked with creating a cool website to challenge some of preconceived notions people generally have about what studying theology means. We worked very closely with Professor Siobhan Garrigan who was so passionate and engaging and intelligent that […]