I landed the redesign of the Gorilla Post website recently and we’ve just gone live! Check it out: GorillaPost.ie .

Page Layout
Inside Page Layout

We used a commercial theme and spent some time making it Gorilla’s own – with a good font stack and palette to match the logo and few tweaks to the functionality. The project was handled beautifully by Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting who I pulled in to the manage the whole thing from start to finish. Hiring an external project manager is an approach I’d highly recommend for any client who is looking to work with a freelancer (and vice versa).

Barry Reid from Gorilla also seems pleased with the results:

Heidi designed and implemented Gorilla Post Production’s new website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Often web companies fail to understand the post production industry and therefore get the brief wrong. But Heidi nailed it. From design, layout, and achieving a contemporary look she succeeded. I’m delighted. I would highly recommend her.”

Good Content

I love the Gorilla logo! It’s so distinctive and memorable. Also I commend the Gorilla team for their frequent blog updates with latest work – long may it continue. It looks impressive to see the volume of work rolling back through the years. Their previous website didn’t allow this regular activity to shine through but now with their new website it’s at the forefront with eye catching images and a clean layout that works well across all devices.

Also I like the fact that we can showcase some glowing testimonials on the front page. Barry went out of his way to get these and they look fantastic – the kind of thing that makes people pick up the phone. I really like the Woo Testimonials plugin – especially the updated version which allows you to specify a featured image instead of having to rely on Gravatar to provide a bio pic. Check them out on the homepage.


Social Stuff

I also did a little jobbie on their Facebook page – with a neat gravatar and showy cover pic.