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Cute shop for Nelly & Nora

Cuteness overload! Just finished working on this online shop for the Nelly & Nora tv show. Nelly & Nora is an animated TV show by Geronimo Productions for preschoolers and you’ll find it on RTEjr, CBeebies  and KIKA in Germany. The website is a hub for the Nelly and Nora DVDs and books of the show. It’s […]

Go AI + Humans

I got a little leisure time last Sunday and headed off to my favourite proper coffee joint in the next village with a slightly outdated copy of Wired. What a treat I was in for! The best damn article I have read in ages! It not only describes an important and super exciting milestone in the quest for true AI it’s […]

WordPress Functions.php Code Snippets

These are some code snippets I use frequently in a WordPress theme functions.php file. Feel free to bookmark! I already have! (Obviously you’ll need to replace the nomenclature). I’m sure I’ll be updating this one regularly. I’m not offering any long explanation – if these don’t work for you or are too simplistic just Google […]

Animation Ireland – New Website

Animation Ireland website

The Animation Ireland website went live a couple of weeks ago – and, it’s gorgeous!! I suppose it might be down to the fact that there was more beautiful artwork than I could poke a stick at and a really cute logo to work with – always helpful. It’s not just the design I’m buzzed about […]

Theology rocks huh?

So this one is a really, really fun project I worked on with Maryrose – Ireland’s Digital Marketing guru – for Trinity’s Loyola Institue. I was tasked with creating a cool website to challenge some of preconceived notions people generally have about what studying theology means. We worked very closely with Professor Siobhan Garrigan who was so passionate and engaging and intelligent that […]

Scratch Coding Club @ School

I’ve been back in the land of green grass and rain clouds for a couple of months now and happily, have been busy as a bee with website projects and… a new venture: Scratch Club – it’s an afternoon activity club for my daughter’s primary school in Kilcock. We’re basically getting together each Tuesday after […]

Working in the Sunshine

Just a heads up – I’m working “remotely” in Australia for a couple months. Many of my clients won’t see much of difference but I certainly do! You can find me on Email [email protected] and on Skype as usual. Trialling the AirBook! Since I arrived here about a month ago I’ve had to adapt to […]

Bright & Sparkingly New

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning the new Brightspark Consulting website. This time I worked purely in Photoshop and left the WordPress development in someone else’s hands. It was wonderful to free up and spend time creating a bespoke website design that embraces both the professionalism and individuality of Maryrose Lyons and her company. Maryrose is the Queen of […]

Coding Week – Frozen it is!

So Coding Week at school was a big success! I couldn’t believe how many of the girls seemed to genuinely enjoy the basic concepts of programming. The Week of Code is a global event held in December with the aim of getting more people, young people especially, coding – even just for an hour. The […]