The Animation Ireland website went live a couple of weeks ago – and, it’s gorgeous!!

I suppose it might be down to the fact that there was more beautiful artwork than I could poke a stick at and a really cute logo to work with – always helpful. It’s not just the design I’m buzzed about – it’s got a lovely back end (giggle) too – customised to lift the standard WordPress admin into a more fully featured CMS that allows site admins and studios owners to edit and update their studio pages as well as jobs, news and events. But before I get technical let me introduce the glorious new Animation Ireland website….

Animation Ireland website
New Animation Ireland Website

You can view it in all it’s glory – Animation Ireland →

Animation Ireland is the body that represent Ireland’s best animation studios. The website is a showcase of Ireland’s extraordinary animation industry – punching well above it’s weight in the international scene. It’s actually kind of amazing the number of world class animation studios Ireland has – 17 of which are represented by Animation Ireland. Ireland also has one of the best Tax Credits in Europe – so it’s probably not surprising how well the animation industry is doing; it employs over 1000 people in Ireland!

Lovely individually branded studio pages
Lovely individually branded studio pages


The website standout features –

  • a very snazzy homepage with a big emphasis on the 17 studios – 2 slideshows are used to showcase the best in artwork and all 17 studio logos in carousel.
  • a Studio custom post type to really allow each studio page look fully branded and individual but still neat and tidy. Including a lovely contact panel, individual jobs feed and RSS news feed from the studio’s own website. Each studio is able to update their own page (but not anyone else’s of course!)
  • an Irish animation jobs section – hooked up to allow studio owners to post up their own jobs.
  • a nice events section

… alongside the usual suspects – blog, newsletter sign up, twitter feed, jobs feed.

Animation Jobs in Ireland
Animation Jobs in Ireland

Of course the website is fully responsive!

Across desktop, tablet and mobile. And we’re using a deadly hosting platform to ensure high speed delivery and best security protection.