About Me

About me – Heidi Jermyn. I make stuff for the web – mostly WordPress websites. I’ve been doing it for a long time now – over a decade. I’ve worked for some excellent web agencies in the big smoke and ran my own web development company for a number of years. These days though I like to work freelance – I love this style as it allows me to focus on the aspects of work I love – specifically design & development of beautiful, professional websites.

Some Recent Projects

As the website designer / developer in a Brightspark Consulting production:

In a nutshell

I can…

  • Design and build a custom WordPress website
  • or maybe take a shortcut and wrangle a purchased theme.
  • Make great graphics for Facebook / Twitter etc.

You might….

  • Check me out on LinkedIn for professional references
  • Check me out on Twitter for the occasional unprofessional comment
  • Give me a shout