I watched Print the Legend last night on Netflix. And loved it! It’s a fascinating documentary about the people and the story behind two 3D printer start ups – MakerBot and Form Labs. It’s pretty compelling stuff – even if you’re not (or you think you’re not) interested in 3D printing as a technology.

I would have preferred slightly more focus on the day to day application of 3D printing technology – what 3D printing means to you and me, in the home etc. (There was a lot of time given to the guy who invented various 3D printed gun and magazine – which was a shame because the last thing he needed was more press. It’s not that I don’t admire his ingenuity, it was more the load of nonsense he was spouting in attempt to justify uploading the blue prints on open source. His plastic gun is called the “liberator”. What a egomaniacal shit he was.)

Photo Credit: Shapeways: via Compfight cc