Ok – I give up. After 3 months of hanging with Ghost Blog I am heading back to WordPress.

I was enchanted by minimalist ideal of Ghost Blog but actually in my opinion it’s just not there yet – not really ready for the wide world. For one I believe that comments (and social media sharing) should be an integrated standard – comments  are a blogging imperative. I’ve tried the self hosted option – I created a theme based on the basic Ghost theme and installed my own Disqus comments. It was ok but Digital Ocean hosting was a little slow and I was frustrated by my inability to get my email address working. Even though I’m definitely not a techie I wouldn’t call myself completely hopeless either when it comes to nutting things out – but the Mailgun solution to setting up email had me pretty stumped. I just couldn’t work out how to get my [email protected] working along side my self hosted option.

So I changed to the Ghost hosted option – glad to support their endevour financially and hoping for a little more speed and my own email address. I did get a little improvement on speed but I was faced with another problem. Whilst www.heidipj.com was easy to get working there was no native support on the platform for the root  domains (.ie your website address without the www). Which is… well a bit ridiculous. The documentation advised  another website to do another work around but… Well I’m a bit sick of the stuffing around to be honest.

What initially promised to be a light weight blogging alternative to the heavy weight CMS that WordPress has developed into has become an impediment to me actually writing posts. In the little spare time I have to devote to blogging on my new blog platform has been eaten up by technical tweaking.

I sound a bit annoyed. And I am. I had high hopes for Ghost and I just really wanted to use this – I believe I have invested enough time trying to make it work. I really like the clean interface and the easy markup and the promise of a blogging focused app. But the platform is more that stripped back – it’s bare. No commenting facility, very basic social integration, annoying domain resolution, weird email setup, lack of featured image. I will try again in 12 months. Perhaps.

Hello again WordPress, my old friend.